Medicinal Herbs – Aloe Vera by Joseph W.


For many years, people have been relying on the beautiful nature outside to cure their illnesses. To keep this amazing tradition alive, I will keep a series with information on medicinal herbs. This week, I have decided to talk about the amazing herb Aloe Vera. Throughout the world, there are about 300 (give or take) species of aloe. They are originally from Southern Africa. Below, I have organized my information in different sections about the wonders of this plant. Enjoy reading!

GROWING: You should have somewhat dry and warm indoor environment with sandy soil. Do not over water! Over watering will bring rot which is very bad for the plant. Springtime: You need to constantly keep the plant clean. A good way to do that is to spritz water on it often. Summer: Take the basal shoots off. You can plant them if you would like. Fall: Immediately bring in pots if there is a threat of frost. Frost is a horrible danger to this wonderful plant. Winter: Keep plants in a room of 40°F or warmer with barely watering.

BEAUTY: Aloe Vera is used in many cosmetic products. For example, aloe vera is used in lotions, hand creams, and shampoos. 

MEDICAL USESAloe Vera is used for many medical reasons: if you take a the gel/juice from the inside of and slather it on open wounds or burns, the gel makes a protective natural bandage which helps the new skin coming back. For any open wound or burn, the aloe gel will serve immediate easing of pain.

FOOD: Aloe Vera is also commonly used in drinks and desserts.