Medicinal Herbs – Aloe Vera by Joseph W.


For many years, people have been relying on the beautiful nature outside to cure their illnesses. To keep this amazing tradition alive, I will keep a series with information on medicinal herbs. This week, I have decided to talk about the amazing herb Aloe Vera. Throughout the world, there are about 300 (give or take) species of aloe. They are originally from Southern Africa. Below, I have organized my information in different sections about the wonders of this plant. Enjoy reading!

GROWING: You should have somewhat dry and warm indoor environment with sandy soil. Do not over water! Over watering will bring rot which is very bad for the plant. Springtime: You need to constantly keep the plant clean. A good way to do that is to spritz water on it often. Summer: Take the basal shoots off. You can plant them if you would like. Fall: Immediately bring in pots if there is a threat of frost. Frost is a horrible danger to this wonderful plant. Winter: Keep plants in a room of 40°F or warmer with barely watering.

BEAUTY: Aloe Vera is used in many cosmetic products. For example, aloe vera is used in lotions, hand creams, and shampoos. 

MEDICAL USESAloe Vera is used for many medical reasons: if you take a the gel/juice from the inside of and slather it on open wounds or burns, the gel makes a protective natural bandage which helps the new skin coming back. For any open wound or burn, the aloe gel will serve immediate easing of pain.

FOOD: Aloe Vera is also commonly used in drinks and desserts.

Using Google Docs on iOS Device – Eureka!

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Google Search

Those of you who have been reading this blog since the iPad was announced have read my posts about the issues with using Google Apps for Education on an iOS device. Sure you could sort of use them if you were willing to do equal parts troubleshooting and lowered expectations. I have tried various apps that purport to be the best with being able to connect to our Google Apps for Education accounts to create, edit, share and use without limitations or at least few limitations. Most of the apps come close but when any number of students report having lost work, I believe the system is not a true system. Granted in baseball, .400 is a good average, but if you only have 40% of the work you did, you would agree it is not a system.

Because of this issue, I have been concerned about what we would loose from our normal educational routine if our school adopted iPads for students over laptops since there is virtually no issues with Google Apps for Education from a non-mobile computer. While I am still not sure what is the best device, I have been able to solve the main issue with creating, editing, and sharing Google Apps on an iOS device. I used the new Google Search app and clicked on Applications to select Documents. Once I did this, I could do in iOS what I can also do on a non-iOS device. The only caveat yet to overcome is that when the document is shared with another user they can not see who has shared it with them. Until that is resolved, yes I am talking to you Google, students or teachers may need to add their first name to the title of the document.

If you have yet to update to the new Google Search App, [iTunes Link] do so now as it is really slick with other features as well.

My First Two Weeks as A Reporter

This is my first time being a reporter. I am very excited about it. Last year I did the same club but my school were the only people who saw it so I wasn’t really a reporter. Last time I wrote stories about The Olympics, pollen, a school pep rally, and many other things. My favorite was one about my teacher. This year I want to do some articles about cooking. I have always loved cooking. I also want to do a few articles about things to do when you’re bored. I’m very excited to blog and write this year for everyone online.


Week Two Blog One for the Cav

The first weeks of  Cav!! This is the first time the Cav is being blogged!! That means this is the first group to have an online newspaper for DA. I can’t wait to start my article on MLS (Major League Soccer). This is so fun!      Alex C


A Book Review for Gregor the Overlander

Like the title said, this is a book review. Gregor the Overlander is a really good book, the first in a series of five. I’d suggest it for ages 9-12. It’s about an eleven-year-old boy who lives in New York City. One day his two year old sister, Boots, is playing around an air duct in their apartment’s laundry room. He hears his sister scream and when he looks, she is being pulled into the air duct by some mist. He jumps in after her and falls down a cave to find himself in the Underland, where cockroaches are four feet tall, rats are six feet tall and the bad guys, well they are just too awful to mention. Gregor finds out he is the warrior in their prophecies. He goes on a quest with some new Underlander  friends. It is a fast-paced fantasy book that will keep you reading all night long. It has lots of action and gets you right into the book by page seven. There isn’t really any dull reading of talking and explaining. I loved this book, and if you read it I hope you do also.