JavaScript: Uses by David P.

JavaScript is a computer language used to make apps and browser-based interactive software. Some things that depend on Java are prompts like this: Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 2.33.22 PM

Coded by me!

Also, they can be used for prompts like this: Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 2.39.22 PM

Also coded by me!

They can even be used to write statements. Let’s go back to the Buggu Restaurant.

When I type this:

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 2.53.56 PM

Coded By Me!

It tests if I order the Swanky Cheap Potatoes using the command: prompt( )

If I do, it tells me:

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 2.54.20 PM

Coded By Me!

If I choose something else, like the Buggu Fry Wrap, it tells me that the item does not exist.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 2.54.08 PM

Coded By Me!


Pokémon Review


Pokémon is one of the most common card games, is known by everyone and was created by Satoshi Tajiri. Pokémon is a game in which creatures named Pokémon battle each other. Pokémon comes in different types like:

Normal Fire
Water Grass
Electric Ice
Fighting Poison
Ground Flying
Psychic Bug
Rock Ghost
Dark Dragon
Steel Fairy

Pokémon also have evolutions. To evolve a Pokémon you just switch the cards on your turn. here some example of evolution are:

Psyduck to Golduck

Snivy to Servine to Serperior

Pichu to Pikachu to Raichu

to know a pokémon evolves you just look at the corner where it has an image of the stage before it.

The rules are simple. There are three ways to win. One, defeat the opponents Pokémon. Two, win six prize cards. Three, if the opponent cannot draw from their deck on their turn. In order to play you must have a deck of 60 or more cards and the types of cards very.

Active Pokémon:

Your active Pokémon is the Pokémon that is battling your opponent. the active Pokémon must start as a basic but on your turn can be evolved into a stronger Pokémon.


On the bench are Pokémon that are the instant replacement to the defeated active Pokémon. if you do not replenish it and all your active Pokémon lose you lose the match.

Prize Cards:

Prize cards are 6 cards chosen randomly at the beginning of the game. when the opponents Pokémon is defeated you gain a prize card. if you gain all six you win. Prize cards can be used in the game.


Medicinal Herbs – Aloe Vera by Joseph W.


For many years, people have been relying on the beautiful nature outside to cure their illnesses. To keep this amazing tradition alive, I will keep a series with information on medicinal herbs. This week, I have decided to talk about the amazing herb Aloe Vera. Throughout the world, there are about 300 (give or take) species of aloe. They are originally from Southern Africa. Below, I have organized my information in different sections about the wonders of this plant. Enjoy reading!

GROWING: You should have somewhat dry and warm indoor environment with sandy soil. Do not over water! Over watering will bring rot which is very bad for the plant. Springtime: You need to constantly keep the plant clean. A good way to do that is to spritz water on it often. Summer: Take the basal shoots off. You can plant them if you would like. Fall: Immediately bring in pots if there is a threat of frost. Frost is a horrible danger to this wonderful plant. Winter: Keep plants in a room of 40°F or warmer with barely watering.

BEAUTY: Aloe Vera is used in many cosmetic products. For example, aloe vera is used in lotions, hand creams, and shampoos. 

MEDICAL USESAloe Vera is used for many medical reasons: if you take a the gel/juice from the inside of and slather it on open wounds or burns, the gel makes a protective natural bandage which helps the new skin coming back. For any open wound or burn, the aloe gel will serve immediate easing of pain.

FOOD: Aloe Vera is also commonly used in drinks and desserts.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 At Durham Academy (Part of a Series by Carlton Z. and Benny K.)

When you see a celebrity on a magazine cover, they probably were edited on a computer by a popular program called Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop was created in 2003 by some eager software writers in the Silicon Valley Area, California. This is why later plugins, applications, and other software programs that Adobe wrote were free. Adobe Photoshop became a big hit, and after that, it became the go-to computer application for making celebrities look better. While I am not on Adobe’s payroll (such comments will be ignored), there are very few flaws with Photoshop. The Move Tool allows users to move layers between documents and move photos within a document, and the Lasso Tool gives people the ability to move drawings and parts of photos. The brush tool primarily makes basic drawings in its use at Durham Academy, but mainly is used to change the color of celebrities’ lips. The Pattern Stamp has special patterns involved like checkerboards, burl wood, and marble. The Clone Stamp is really cool, and in its intended form, is used to thicken celebrities’ hair. The Paint Bucket tool fills in areas with color,

These are Photoshopped versions of the same photo taken by Carlton Z. Benny K. and Carlton Z. later edited this photo via Adobe Photoshop CS6.

These are Photoshopped versions of the same photo taken by Carlton Z. Benny K. and Carlton Z. later edited this photo via Adobe Photoshop CS6.

and for photos, there are all sorts of cool “filters” that change the colors and dimensions of the photo. Photoshop is kind of expensive at $1,000 per copy, but it’s great for what it was designed to do.

GRIMM: Adam Gidwitz

Adam Gidwitz is the author of the Grimm series, a gory gruesome trio. Adam came to our school and talked to us during an assembly. He is a great speaker and intrigued our audience with is silly remarks. He had us going with the real story of Cinderella which was bloody and gory. If you like hilarious stories with a serous twist then read Adams series THE GRIMM SERIES!

Picture take by me of my book.

Picture take by me of my book.

DA Ultimate Frisbee Club Review


Durham Academy has several day 6 clubs. One of them is the Ultimate Frisbee club run by Mr. Parkin and Ms. Brown. Here are their response to these questions:

Why did you start this club?:

” To have fun, to be part of a team, and to get better at playing ultimate frisbee ” – Mr. Parkin ” For many reasons, one to give the kids who love to play a change to play, two  kids have to referee themselves so it gives them a chance to learn how to collaborate with each other while playing a competitive game, three we thought it would catch on and it did. Not only do kids play it during club also every day at recess ” – Ms. Brown.

This club has fun and competitive characteristics that are perfect for all the people who love competitive sports.



iOS 7 For Schools: Why Durham Academy Doesn’t Use It

  You all have probably heard about iOS 7, its cool fingerprint-reading software akin to that of the James Bond movies, and its new ergonomic layout. What you may not have heard about is its poor reputation with schools around the world. On September 18, the Los Angeles County Schools, the second-largest school district in the country, took away all the shiny new iPads that had been updated to iOS 7. Shortly afterward, Apple released iOS 7.0.1, a bug fix for the problematic fingerprint-reading software, but there were even further problems, so Apple hurried together iOS 7.0.2. Mr. Schaefer, our technology coordinator, has taken this lesson and decided not to upgrade to iOS 7. Long live iOS 6!

An iPad with iOS 7 installed. Photo source:

An iPad with iOS 7 installed. Photo source:

Other sources (you never know what you might find on the Internet):,

Iphone 5s: The New Technology From Apple (part of a series by Carlton Z. and Benny K.)

The new iPhone has recently come out. The iPhone 5s includes a new camera with slow motion options. Also the new amazingly fast iPhone 5s has the iOS7 processor with an new 3d graphics. My favorite part of the new iPhone is the finger print scanner. Instead of a home button there is a fingerprint reader. When putting your finger on the home button the print is matched it allows you to unlock the phone. There is a feature called Background App Refresh that allows you to load apps faster while saving charge.  Also in iOS 7 there is the power of airdrop which can help you share photos, emails and documents. I know multiple people who have the IPhone 5s and they have said iOS 7 has a lot of bugs. The change of the app icons, new ability to put Newsstand into a folder and control center are some of the cool new iOS7


Picture By Me

What Kind of Brain are You?


You may think that all human brains are the same.  You may think that you have the same brain as the next person. You are wrong however because everyone has their own brains and they can be a certain type. Everyone’s brain is different but we can separate people by being right or left brained. Right brained people are said to be more curious, pondering, and subjective. Left brained people are said to be more logical, analytical, and        objective. Doctors have said that there is a thing such as lateralization of brain function.  This means that they think that one side of the brain might control different functions. I have just taken the test to tell what kind of brain I am. It is really interesting judging that this can control your decisions and personality. Do you wear a watch? Do you keep a journal?  Are you good at math? All these questions can be used to determine whether someone is right or left brained. So look at the web sight below and take the test to discover your brain today!

Minecraft Repurposed: Geography



Drawn By Me!

Minecraft is an Voxel-based sandbox video game in which there are no real goals like in most games, but there are objectives. It is generally not associated with education, but two innovative fifth graders are attempting to use it for geography.

Here is an interview with Gavin S. :

David: How did you contribute to this project?

Gavin: I asked Mrs. Hall, the fifth-grade history teacher.

David: How do you plan to do this?

Gavin: We plan to make a multiple-choice geography quiz.

Here is an interview with the builder, Griffin E. :

David: You are the builder, correct?

Griffin: Yes, I am.

David: How do you plan to reward correct answers and punish wrong ones?

Griffin: You used the right word. If you get the wrong answer, you fall into a pit of fire.

David: How do you plan to show that Minecraft can be used educationally, and not be used incorrectly when intended for learning?

[Griffin declines to answer]

They have yet to prove, however, that it cannot be used for mayhem as well.

What club should I review next?